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One of Civic Tourism's premises is that citizens - the people who live in, know about, and care for the community - should have a say in if and how "place" is positioned as a tourism attraction.

Traditionally, the tourism discussion has been a narrow one, convened by a chamber of commerce or tourism bureau, for example. At its best, this means residents have no idea who is responsible for tourism, and they see the industry as little more than gift shops and motels.

At its worst, a disengaged approach can erect barriers between residents and the industry, which certainly will not help tourism officials when they advocate for public funding.


Pride in Place

While traditional tourism voices are and will remain essential to the process, Civic Tourism believes the travel industry and the community at large will benefit by engaging citizens to help set the tourism agenda.

Doing so means the entire community is moving forward together, saying to visitors, "This is what we love about our town; this is what we are proud of."


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People Courthouse

Place-based tourism demands community involvement because the story of place is, first of all, the story of people who live (and have lived) there - the people whose story defines the product, who are often the most affected by tourism, who know local history, who are usually the most concerned about and committed to their community's future.

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Now Available! Civic Tourism: The Poetry & Politics of Place By Dan Shilling, Foreword by Scott Russell Sanders

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