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In addition to these presenters, the meeting featured regional practitioners who work in place-based tourism and economic development: rural projects, American Indian initiatives, urban activities, and other models. Complete speaker biographies from the conference program can be found here (large pdf file that may take a minute to download).

Becky Anderson - A pioneer of place-based tourism, Becky's North Carolina program, "HandMade in America," has received international attention for the multiple ways it sustains cultures and economies.

Ron Anzalone - Mr. Anzalone is Director of Preservation Initiatives for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. An archeologist, Ron has worked on Federal stewardship of historic resources, and helped develop Preserve America.

Brenda Barrett - Ms. Barrett is the director of the Heritage Areas Program for the National Park Service. Using community alliances to develop tourism programs is central to Brenda's work.

Timothy Beatley - Dr. Beatley teaches urbanism at the Univ. of Virginia. A leading scholar of "place" as both an economic and quality-of-life attribute, Tim has written several important books on the topic, including The Ecology of Place.

Lattie Coor - Dr. Coor is Chairman and CEO of the Center for the Future of Arizona. Previously Lattie served as President of Arizona State Univ. and President of the Univ. of Vermont.

Cheryl Cothran - Dr. Cothran directs the Arizona Hospitality Research and Resource Center at Northern Arizona Univ. Cheryl researches the relationship between tourism and policymaking.

David Donath - Mr. Donath is President of the Vermont-based Woodstock Foundation, which recently completed a statewide assessment on cultural heritage tourism.

Peter Forbes - Mr. Forbes is co-founder of the Center for Whole Communities, which is devoted to deepening the connections between land, people, and community. Previously, Peter served 18 years as Vice President of the Trust for Public Lands.

Bruce Fraser - Dr. Fraser is director of the Connecticut Humanities Council, where he manages one of the finest cultural heritage tourism funding programs in the nation.

Cheryl Hargrove - A travel industry veteran, and a long-time expert on cultural tourism, Cheryl is Principle of the HTC Group, which focuses on heritage, tourism, and marketing.

Karl Hoerig - Dr. Hoerig has worked with Native people engaged in tourism for more than a decade. Karl currently serves as museum director for the White Mountain Apache Tribe at Fort Apache.

Peter Iverson - An award-winning author, Dr. Iverson is Regents Professor of History at Arizona State Univ. Few writers have done more to advance our understanding of place in the West.

Daniel Kemmis - Mr. Kemmis is director of the Center for the Rocky Mountain West in Missoula, Montana. Author of three books on place and citizenship, Dan is a former state legislator and two-term mayor of Missoula.

Alan Lew - Chair of the geography department at Northern Arizona Univ., Dr. Lew is an authority on tourism in Asia. In addition to books like Seductions of Place, Alan edits the journal Tourism Geographies.

Lucy Lippard - Ms. Lippard is one of the premier art critics and social observers in America. Among her many publications, Lucy writes about place and its relationship to tourism in books like The Lure of the Local and On the Beaten Path.

Mark McDermott - Mr. McDermott previously served as Director of the Arizona Office of Tourism. During his 30-year tourism career, he has also held executive roles in Florida and New York, and has served many national associations.

Robert McNulty - Dr. McNulty is President of Partners for Livable Communities, a national organization working to restore and renew our cities and towns. Since the late 1970s, Bob has used cultural tourism as a community development tool.

Nora Mitchell - Director of the Conservation Study Institute for the National Park Service, Dr. Mitchell develops citizen-directed programs for Gateway Communities and similar tourism towns.

Manuel Gonzalez Montesinos - Dr. Gonzales Montesinos is a professor of social sciences at the Univ. of Sonora. With a tri-national team he originated La Ruta de Sonora, an eco-heritage experience in Arizona and Mexico.

Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar – Dr. Murrieta-Saldivar directs the People, Culture and Conservation program for the Sonoran Institute. Joaquin has helped shape the La Ruta de Sonora Ecotourism Association and similar programs along the Sonoran Desert region.

Gary Paul Nabhan - Recipient of a MacArthur Prize, Dr. Nabhan is the author of many books on place and culture. A world-renown scholar, Gary is Director of Sustainable Environments at Northern Arizona Univ.

Gyan P. Nyaupane - Dr. Nyaupane is a professor of tourism at Arizona State Univ., where he teaches courses on nature-based tourism, international tourism, and tourism management. He has studied tourism practices in Nepal while working for Mt. Everest National Park.

Dwight Pitcaithley - Dr. Pitcaithley teaches history at New Mexico State Univ. and serves many national organizations. A prolific author, Dwight was Chief Historian for the National Park Service.

Donovan Rypkema - Principal of Place Economics, Mr. Rypkema is the author of The Economics of Historic Preservation. Many towns use his valuable work to make an economic and touristic case for saving old buildings.

Scott Russell Sanders - Dr. Sanders teaches English at Indiana Univ. Scott is perhaps best known for more than two dozen books that deal with place, community, the land, and other quality-of-life issues.

Guha Shankar - Dr. Shankar works at the American Folklife Center in the Library of Congress. Guha consults around the country, helping communities preserve and celebrate their folkways.

Dan Shilling - Dr. Shilling is director of the Civic Tourism project. For nearly 15 years, Dan was director of the Arizona Humanities Council, where he wrote extensively on heritage tourism.

Neal Shoemaker - Mr. Shoemaker is president of Harlem Heritage Tours, which provides an authentic experience of the community, while using tourism as a tool to preserve Harlem's history and strengthen the economy.

Ron Solimon - A member of the Laguna Pueblo, Mr. Solimon is CEO of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center & Indian Pueblos Marketing. Ron is also chairman of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development.

Barbara Steinfeld - Ms. Steinfeld is Director of Tourism Development for the Portland Oregon Visitors Assoc. Barbara also chairs the Cultural & Heritage Tourism Alliance, a national group.

Jon Talton - Mr. Talton's business columns in The Arizona Republic often challenge communities to development sustainable economic development models. Jon has also authored seven novels.

Jonathan Tourtellot - Mr. Tourtellot is Director for Sustainable Destinations at National Geographic Society. Jonathan is also the geotourism editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine.

Timothy Tyrrell - Professor of Tourism Development at Arizona State Univ., Dr. Tyrell studies tourism's economic analysis techniques. A recent transplant from Rhode Island, Tim received that state's highest tourism award.

Patti Van Tuyl - Dr. Van Tuyl is a program officer with the National Endowment for the Humanities. Since the mid-90s, Patti has been the NEH liaison for cultural tourism nationwide.

Judy Walden - Ms. Walden is a proponent of "Community Tourism," an approach generally practiced outside the U.S. Judy is working with ten western towns to assess this fairly new strategy.

David Weaver - Author of eight books on ecotourism, including a new 2005 title, Sustainable Tourism, Dr. Weaver teaches at the Univ. of South Carolina. Dave and his colleague Dave Fennelli of Brock Univ., Canada, created the "Ecotourium," a new comprehensive approach to tourism.


Now Available! Civic Tourism: The Poetry & Politics of Place By Dan Shilling, Foreword by Scott Russell Sanders

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